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How long will my driver's license be issued for?

The driver’s license is usually issued within 7 days after requesting the service and confirming the payment by selecting high delivery priority in the form. You can apply for a permit within 7 business days. This leads to a significant increase in the total price.

How much does it cost to buy a license?

The price of all the licenses delivered between the training and the service. The price varies depending on the type of license required and in particular the local engine closest to your home where you need to register. In rare cases, this may cost more than the above limit.

When should I make the payment?

Advance payment is required for the service, as exercises, eye exams, test costs, driving lessons (apparently with incorrect dates) must be recorded, and we cannot cover these costs at our expense. Therefore, please do not contact us to request payment after delivery.

At how many points is my driver's license issued?

You will be awarded a driver’s license with a total of 20 points, which can be changed if you do not follow the traffic law.

How do you send me the driver's license?

The license will be sent by registered letter (delivery time 1-2 days) to the address you indicated on the application submission form. You will also receive tracking to check the status of your shipment Here

Is it illegal to buy a license?

For this reason, we use payment and contact methods to maintain the confidentiality and maximum confidentiality of the client.

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